Agri Vermicompost contains:
N 1 to 2%  
P 1 to 2 %  
K 0.5 to 0.8%  
Organic C 10 to 12%  
CN Ratio < 10  
Fe 20 to 25 PPM  
Cu 60 to 70 PPM  
Zn 50 to 65 PPM  
Mn and Be 5 to 10 PPM  
Molybdenum 0.5 to 1 PPM   
Pseudomonas 1.5 x106g  
Trichoderma 1.2 x106g  



Agri Vermicompost: Brings health to your soil.

Agri Vermicompost is an enriched organic bio fertilizer that is completely natural and free of chemicals.

Nurtured by the forest waste, from the pristine, pollution-free foothills of the Brahmagiri hill range in Kodagu (Coorg), Karnataka, India, Agri Vermicompost utilises the African Nightcrawler earthworms, which are excellent for vermicomposting. Enriched with beneficial fungi to provide extra protection from soil borne pathogens, Agri Vermicompost also contains beneficial microbes, which help in nitrogen fixation and add essential minerals to the soil.

Our famous compost quality stems from our practice to leave a small amount of earthworm eggs in the compost, to help increase the earthworm population in your soil. This helps build a self-renewing compost culture, so that farmers can draw long-term benefits.

Enriched with earthworm eggs – trichoderma viridae, pseudomonas flurescence and bio NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium), Agri Vermicompost offers the following advantages over other composts:

Rich in nutrients; effective microorganisms are added during composting, which is highly beneficial for the soil
Application of this enriched vermicompost during moist soil conditions builds up the earthworm population of soil
Trichoderma and pseudomonas are known to have an antagonistic effect on many soil-born plant pathogens
Bio NPK increases fertility of soil, thus reducing the chemical input of NPK significantly
IMO-certified, suited for all certified organic growers and also for other cultivators
During sowing of field crops, it can also be used along with seed drill
Can be used in the pits while planting to enhance the root growth, due to its humic acid content


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